Safety Tips for Your Company’s Relocation

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Whether you are moving your office across town or across the country, you need to safeguard your equipment from damage.

At Peachtree Movers, we understand the importance of moving your company’s computer systems and network equipment safely. That’s why we wrote this article to help you relocate without damaging your systems or losing data!

Moving a computer is a bit harder than you might think because it contains expensive, fragile, and sensitive components. A smooth relocation of your computer systems and network equipment will ensure continuity and that no data is lost. Here are tips for safely moving computers and other valuable items.

Back up your data

Before you do anything to your PC, you should back up all your important data, preferably twice. Transfer your files to an external hard drive or flash drive and do it again by uploading them to a cloud storage service. This is the initial step that you cannot afford to skip. Anything can happen during the transportation of your expensive piece of equipment. If necessary, you can replace equipment but it can be nothing short of a disaster if you lose crucial information.

At Peachtree Movers, we recommend using imaging software to create an actual image of each computer, including the servers. This is slightly different from just backing up data files. The imaging process ensures that your entire system, including all of your settings and your desktop, is saved on an external hard disk. Should something happen to one of your computers, the imagining process will allow you to get right back to work as soon as your replacement hardware arrives.


The safest way to move your computers is by using the manufacturer’s box your computer came in. If you no longer have it, you can call a specialty box company to make an order. This will require you to also take the measurements of the monitor and tower. Proper packing ensures that all the components arrive safely and intact. At Peachtree Movers, we provide the appropriate packing crates for all of your equipment to ensure a safe and secure relocation.


You need to keep track of all equipment, power cords, cables, and phone wiring, so be sure to label them! Also, be sure to clearly label the PC boxes as “fragile”.

Qualify the mover

The success of the commercial move will depend on how sophisticated your network is. Therefore, it is important to verify that the moving company has experience in handling computer equipment and other fragile devices. This will give you peace of mind that safety measures will be put in place to avoid costly mistakes and damages.


Storing fragile items before, during or after the move needs to be done in a way that will keep them safe from vibrations, bumps, and shocks. The items should be cushioned, blocked and braced in a manner that will ensure that they don’t shift when stacked in a storage locker.

By following these safety procedures, you can ensure that your computer systems have their best chance of surviving the move completely intact!

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Finding a Professional Mover

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