Management Checklist: Here’s What You Need to Know

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When relocating your business there are several different considerations that have to be kept in mind. As it is very easy to miss an important step during a busy move, the following list will help you relocate with a minimal amount of frustration.

Business Moving Concerns

  • Your Vendors: be sure to communicate with your vendors about transferring business and services to your new location. Important vendors include your computer services (such as internet access), phone services, your copier vendors, paper distributors and utilities. Non-technical vendors such as plant upkeep, artwork and coffee and vending services should also be updated accordingly.
  • Properly Pack Copiers: copiers can create quite a mess if not shipped correctly. Have your copy vendor remove all toner (both liquid and dry), and if the sorter is detachable do so.

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  • Drain the Postal Meter Machine: have Pitney Bowes drain the ink from the postal meter machine reservoir to avoid spillage during the moving process.
  • Packing Equipment: you fax machines, printers and computers should be carefully packed for relocation. Make use of computer bags for storage and be sure to properly secure and pack all associated cables.
  • Existing Damage: have employees properly record any existing damage or wear to equipment before the move to properly track any moving damage or accidents.
  • Layouts: Peachtree Moving issues numbers to your employees to ensure equipment is properly moved to the correct office, work location, or cubicle. Have your employees list their assigned number on their moving labels. Peachtree also makes use of grid forms for the overall office layout filling this out in detail shows movers where furniture should be placed.
  • Material Delivery: make sure this is scheduled before the move itself and pick up is scheduled after the move.

Working with Peachtree Moves

When working with Peachtree Movers proper information from your building management, both at your old and future location, should be provided. Please provide the following information to ensure a quick and easy moving process.

  • Documentation: provide a completed Certificate of Insurance for any and all buildings. Completed documentation should be submitted via email to or faxed to Peachtree Movers customer service department at (404) 355-7976
  • Rules and Regulations: as this can differ greatly depending on building management, any rules and regulations at both your current and future location should be provided in detail.
  • Identification: verify with building management what type of ID is required for movers to gain access, specifically if a picture ID is needed.
  • Elevators and Docks: contact building management to reserve use of these items at both building locations if applicable. Specifically, inform both locations to set elevators to ‘manual’ for control purposes. Skipping this step can result in damage to both furniture and the elevator itself in addition to causing a moving delay. Also, assure emergency contact information for the elevator company is provided in case of an emergency.
  • Emergency Numbers: emergency contact information should be provided at both the current and future building locations. This information should include building management and security.
  • Parking Needs: adequate parking space should be reserved at both the current and future business locations if available.
  • Air Conditioning: must be turned on at both locations.
  • Building Requirements: finally, before the move confirm that all requirements at both buildings have been met as needed.

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