Storage Options During Every Part of Your Move

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When you are looking for an Atlanta storage facility that you can count on to fully protect your residential or commercial valuables, Peachtree Movers is a full-service moving and storage option.   We offer our customers clean, dry and highly secure storage space in our 40,000 + square-foot warehouse. With 350 heavy wood vaults, in addition to rows of rack shelving for sofas, chairs and larger pieces, we can easily accommodate and track a wide variety of items with our barcode inventory system.  The vaults are between 7 – 8 feet tall and are professionally packed when the storage parcels come in from a moving job. 

Why People Choose to Store Items Before Moving

Residential –   When moving or downsizing your home, you may have an assortment of items or furnishings in your home that you do not want to throw away.  They could have sentimental value, or you might have plans to move again in the future, so you may want to use these belongings again.    If you are just starting the process of selling your home, you will want to be sure that it shows beautifully to potential buyers. It is a good time to move some things to storage.   Perhaps you are building a new home and have ordered furniture that will need to be stored until your move-in day.

Fortunately, our warehouse facility can be used to store all your extra furniture, collectibles and books in addition to those boxes of memories you have been keeping in the attic or basement.  Peachtree Movers storage facility is different from a self-storage unit.   We offer more affordable and flexible options for storage. Our on-site warehouse personnel are available to assist you with the heavy lifting if you schedule a warehouse visit to look through your storage, pickup or drop off a few items.

Business –   Business owners may need warehouse storage space before their move to receive and store new office furnishings that are on order for their new offices.  Peachtree Movers offers record storage options to allow businesses to fully optimize all of the expensive square footage in their offices for their people and the important daily activities of the office.

Why People Choose to Store Items During a Move

Residential  – As a short-term option, people choose to store items if there is time in between the move-out and the move-in dates.  Perhaps your new home is not ready yet or there are renovations that need to be done. Maybe you have not even found the right house or the closing date slides.  Either way, many customers have everything brought into storage for the interim. With our warehouse storage facility, you can take as much time as you need to find your perfect home and know that your belongings are ready when you are.   We can usually schedule your outbound delivery within a week of your request. Our experienced movers can lay the rug and, with your direction, can place your sofa exactly in the “sweet spot” for your audio/visual system.

Business owners –  use a full-service storage facility during a move when their new offices are not ready yet or they have furniture and office equipment that they want to have shipped to another city after their relocation.   Sometimes businesses have things for disposal that they want taken away on moving day. Peachtree Movers can do asset management for companies with multiple locations where they need furnishings and equipment moved in and out of storage, or between sites periodically.  We can inventory and store inbound items in such a way to make this activity efficient and economical.

At Peachtree Movers, our vaults are under constant security by camera and motion detection devices that are backed up and held for one year.  Because the vaults are stacked and items on the racks are padded, shrink-wrapped and palletized, they are only accessible via forklift giving an extra layer of security.  When needed, they are lifted and moved to a staging area (also under security cameras) for opening when a customer has a scheduled visit. Afterward, they are re-packed securely, sealed and put away.

Why People Choose to Store Items After Moving

Residential – After moving, people rent storage vaults because they are useful for storing seasonal items, such as summer lawn furniture, holiday decorations, extra furniture, baby and children’s items and even your great grandmother’s rocking chair or mom’s fine china.

Businesses – may opt to use storage units after an office relocation to save or free up space.  Many storage facilities are equipped with climate control features that keep the unit from getting too hot or cold, so your electronics will not be affected by extreme temperatures.

Document storage –  Businesses that collect private information from clients are required by law to protect their clients’ information. Even more, some companies are required to maintain records or documentation for certain periods of time to comply with industry regulations.  Peachtree Movers barcodes and scans boxed document storage to dedicated space within its facility. Our prompt delivery services for document storage allows businesses to have, in many cases, better access to their records than if they kept them stored on-site.   It is a very cost-effective way to maximize your utilization of office space. And, when it comes time to shred expired documents, Peachtree Movers can get that done for you, as well.

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Regardless of whether you need a few weeks of storage- or a few months- Peachtree Movers allows you to move to a new home or expand your business at the pace that works for you.