4 Important Things to do Before You Move

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There are 4 key things people tend to always forget during the moving process. Knowing them will help ensure the big move to a new location flows seamlessly and without any major hiccups. These include:

Have a Concise Checklist

Having a concise checklist planned out for the move will provide clear instructions on what needs to happen before and during the moving process. The list should include:

  • How you want furniture moved from the old home into the new home
  • How you want belongings packed
  • How you want packed belongings to travel such as by friend’s car, u haul, etc.
  • Where you want each labeled box to be placed inside of the new location
  • What movers should and shouldn’t do with your belongings
  • The exact location of where the belongs are being dropped off
  • Some sort of time frame on how long you expect the moving process should take

Collect Important Documents and Records

When it comes to important documents and records, it is wise to pack them securely into traveling cases that go with you in your vehicle during the moving process. This ensures these documents are not touched by anyone, but you, and minimizes the risk of them being damaged or lost in the chaotic moments of a move. Be sure to gather copies of important legal and financial documents in a folder along with estimates receipts and other important information.

Important documents you need to pack in a traveling case to take with you are:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Utility and Medicals Bills
  • Bank Account Documents
  • Credit Card Information and Cards
  • Business Documents for Clients
  • Medical Records

Labeling Boxes Appropriately

Before moving any of the packed boxes from your home, it is wise to label them properly. You do not have to label exactly what is in each box, but you should write basic terms. If you have pricey china or stemware, you don’t want your movers to be rough with those boxes. So, go with the tried-and-true method and write “FRAGILE” on a few sides of the container. Additionally, if it is important for some boxes to stand right-side-up, add the words “this end up” on the box. You should also label boxes with basic terms, so you know what is in each box for your own personal reasons. These terms help you know what you put in each box while giving the movers bit more direction. Some of those terms could be:

  • Kitchen Supplies
  • Laundry Goods
  • Living Room Decor
  • Bedroom Essentials
  • Bathroom Products
  • Garage Storage


Sign Up for Mail Forwarding

A week before you move to your new location, you should make sure you set up mail forwarding, which typically takes between 7 to 10 business days. This prevents your mail from being delivered to your old locations and being viewed by strangers living in your old home, and it helps you stay on track with paying bills and receiving important documents and letters from loved ones.  You can sign up for mail forwarding these days online or at your local post office. Skipping this moving tip could cause you to fall behind on important payments, or lead to identity theft.

End Thoughts to Keep in Mind

With all that mentioned, it is wise to always hire a trustworthy moving company such as Peachtree Movers who will always provide you with an additional moving tip or two to ensure a successful move occurs for you. After all, it is always wise to know as many helpful moving tips as you can to make your move the best move possible.