Smooth Moves During Rainy Weather

2 - min read

Moving is an involved process that requires a lot of time, effort and planning. Because of this, your moving date will likely be set well in advance. A drawback to this is you can’t predict the weather weeks or months before it occurs. At Peachtree Movers, we move people in Atlanta almost every day of the year; sometimes that means we must move in the rain. Here’s what we do to ensure that we provide a fast and worry-free move so that the rain doesn’t put a damper on your day.

Plan Accordingly: Proper planning is always the best defense when you’re expecting to move in the rain. The last thing anyone wants is to be unprepared as there’s a lot that can be affected if a move is delayed by even a relatively small amount of time. To make sure everything stays on track if there’s rain projected, we take a few more precautions and add extra supplies to our trucks.

Prepare Your Belongings: In the event of unfavorable weather, we pack lots of extra pads. This ensures that we can keep your belongings dry as we move them in and out of the house. Even before your furniture leaves the house, we wrap everything from top to bottom with dry pads and stretchwrap and drape an extra pad over the furniture while we carry the item outside. After securely unloading it, we then bring the extra pad back in the house. It ultimately gets reused for each additional piece of furniture that gets moved and placed inside the moving truck.

Protect the Grounds: To help minimize the transfer of mud or water while moving, we utilize extra cardboard and floor runners. This allows us to move furniture in heavy traffic areas without tracking a mess via our shoes. If we must go up carpeted stairs and hallways, we have a special sticky plastic that we put down to protect your carpet. It’s not just your carpet and hardwood floors that we’re concerned about though. Sometimes, we need to take something heavy around the side of the house using a dolly.  If we know this ahead of time, we can bring plywood to put over the grass so our equipment can safely roll your large heavy pieces around the side of the house without disturbing the landscape.

Professional movers have years of experience moving people personal and possessions in all different types of weather and have the tools to make the process go smoothly. Peachtree Movers has been serving residents and businesses in the greater Atlanta area for over 40 years. We have the equipment and expertise needed to simplify a rainy day move and reduce the stress bad weather can cause.