Commercial Storage To Meet Your Business Needs

At Peachtree Movers, we understand that businesses cycle through periods of growth and evolution.  Our cost-effective storage solutions help provide smart solutions for changing businesses.

Asset Management

When you relocate your offices to a new building, you may find that there are extra cubicles, desks, credenzas etc. that need to be kept for future needs. Peachtree Movers stores all kinds of office furnishings, clearly inventoried and barcoded, that can be easily delivered anytime, with just a simple email request for specific items.


Many companies find themselves with surplus office furnishings or file cabinets that they need to store for a period of time. They may plan to donate such items or send them to another branch in the future, but need immediate storage for the time being. Peachtree Movers can store everything for a long-distance pickup.


Peachtree Movers can assist with the disposal of unwanted office furnishings when it is part of a larger move.

Short-Term Storage

We provide short term storage to meet a variety of business needs. For example, if a school, clinic or office is remodeling over the spring or summer breaks, we can move everything into our Atlanta storage facility while the work is being done, and move it all back according to your project managers’ schedule.


If your business is getting all new office furnishings, and needs to have somewhere to have it delivered – Peachtree Movers Storage facility is the right place.  Our Atlanta warehouse can receive deliveries and store your things until the new offices are ready. Then, we can deliver everything in an orderly manner for our installers to set up each office according to your site plan.

Record Storage

Don’t waste your precious office space!

  • Peachtree Movers stores thousands of boxes of Record Storage for our customers who have paper documents that need to be kept. Every office has closets full of boxes of records that need to be kept for a period of time. We do have a minimum monthly storage charge, but it is well worth it to clean out your closets of those boxes of old documents.
  • Our Record Storage boxes are all barcoded, scanned and inventoried in our Warehouse Management System. You can request a box or a file with just an email and the inventory number, and our system allows for immediate access and quick delivery anywhere in Atlanta.

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