Practical Advice for Moving with Kids

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Moving with kids can be stressful for parents because of the anxiety and fear that the children experience. Leaving a familiar place behind, departing from old friends and disruptive changes are all apart of moving, but kids do not fully understand that. Kids can become agitated or isolate themselves from the family if the changes become overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several ways you can organize your move so that the transition is smoother for the kids.

Talk with Them about The Move

Most of the negative feelings that kids have about moving come from them not knowing how the move will affect them and what to expect. Even more, without having a chance to offer their input on the upcoming changes, many kids feel as if they have no say about what would make this easier for them.

That is why discussing the move with your children is the first step of preparing your child. The emotional comfort of knowing the different ways the relocation will change their life will help them to go with the flow. They will be less resistant to the changes because they will be able to visualize what they have to gain from the circumstances.

Involve Your Kids in The Process

When moving with kids, they want to feel like they are a part of the process. By allowing them to come with you as you walk through potential residences, they can get comfortable with the layout and neighborhood and make up their own mind about how they feel about the final choice. Take the time to ask about their opinions, which helps to avoid the feeling of hopelessness. As they express the things that they like and dislike, find ways to compromise.

Make a list of the things that your kids want in order to make the new home more comfortable and try to accommodate them as best as you can. By allowing them to have some input on the process- no matter how limited- then the kids feel like moving was part of their decision too. That will help them feel more accepting about moving- maybe even excited about it.

Maintain Your Normal Routine

When moving with kids, one of the hardest parts of moving is how disruptive it can be on your normal daily schedule. Not only are you and the kids likely to wake up early and go to bed late during the transition, you also might not have time to eat meals together or watch your favorite shows on television as a family. Try to maintain your current schedule as much as possible, including meal times, bedtimes and any other activities that are a part of the kids’ daily life.

Even better, take the kids somewhere special to add some excitement to the experience. You could take them to their favorite restaurant for dinner or have a family outing at a bowling alley. Either way, when moving with kids, you can turn the move-in into a memorable experience and better maintain a consistent schedule by balancing the hard work with a little bit of fun.

Pack Their Favorite Belongings Last 

It takes longer to unpack your boxes than it takes to pack them. And if you are packing your belongings without any system, it might take a few days to find your kids favorite toys or personal belongings. In the meantime, your child may be feeling anxiety and like they do not quite belong in this new place. And the longer your kids are left with nothing to entertain them, the more time they have to get in the way. In order to help them adjust to the new space and remain occupied during the transition, pack your kids’ favorite belongings last.

Label their boxes, and make sure that those boxes are in plain sight during the move. Once you start moving into the new house, make sure their belongings are among the first to be unloaded and unpacked. When moving with kids, this strategy will ensure that your kids do not have to go a day without any of their favorite toys or video games. They will have entertainment that will keep them occupied and they will start to feel at home as soon as you move in.

Partner with a Kid-Friendly Moving Company

One of the best things that you can do for your family to maintain a sense of calm and ensure a seamless process is to hire a moving company that understands the emotional toll of the moving process. With over 90,000 successful moves under our belt, Peachtree Movers offers the necessary experience and know-how to make even the most complicated move a success for all members of your family.