10 Tips For Moving With Your Pets

2 - min read

The activities involved in the moving process can create a lot of anxiety for pets. Therefore, you need to make special arrangements to make the experience a bit calmer for your beloved companion.

  1. Know the pet rules and regulations in the new area by contacting the local animal control facility. Be sure to review the lease to ensure that pets are allowed in your new home or apartment.
  2. If your pet doesn’t like to travel, talk to your vet to get recommendations on behavior modification or medications that can reduce the stress for your pet. Take all the medical records of your pet.
  3. Before the moving day, be sure to have a new vet. You can ask your current vet for recommendations if they have colleagues in the new area or do your research online.
  4. Make sure that you get your pet a new ID tag with your new address and contact information. If your pet has a microchip, remember to update the contact information as well.
  5. Pets are creatures who love routines and it’s, therefore, important to keep things normal by gradually packing over a period of time instead of pulling one night to pack.
  6. Even though moving can be stressful and hectic for you, it is vital to keep yourself calm and relaxed. This is to avoid getting your pet stressed up when they sense that you are amped up.
  7. If you are moving on a long distance and you’ll make stops along the way, you secure pet-friendly reservations in advance to avoid being turned away from hotels with a no-pet policy.
  8. On the actual moving day, take your pets away from the commotion of people moving in and out and boxes and furniture being moved. This can be in a day care center, friend’s house or in a quiet room.
  9. On the day of the move, ensure that your dog is comfortable in your car by having snacks, water, and a comfortable sleeping area. Also, ensure you take breaks to give your pet time to stretch their legs.
  10. When you get to your new home, create a quiet spot for your pet away from the unpacking activity. Don’t let your pet to go out unsupervised for a few days until they adjust to the new environment.

Being prepared and planning ahead will make moving with pets less stressful.