Moving Scams and How to Avoid Them

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When you decide to move, there is no shortage of companies to choose from. But sadly, some moving companies make their income by defrauding customers and running scams.

That’s the last thing you need!

At Peachtree Movers, we want your residential or commercial move to be as simple and stress-free as possible. That’s why we’ve written this article to give you a head’s up on how to avoid common scams!

By being aware of common moving scams, you can avoid such companies and the problems they create for their customers.

Let’s get into it.

Inflated or Inconsistent Pricing

One common scam in the moving industry is price inflation.

Moving companies typically perform their price inflation scam by using an over-the-phone estimate. Because moving costs are based on the size and weight of your possessions, these companies purposely create a bad estimate. Once you move, they greatly increase the price by claiming their over-the-phone estimate was only a guess.

To avoid this scam, only work with movers who base their estimates on an in-person visit. Also, look for a “Guaranteed Not to Exceed” contractual option which commonly states the final moving cost charged cannot be greater than the original estimate plus 10 percent.

Extra Costs

A bill from your moving company should have every expense carefully listed and clearly explained. However, some less-than-reputable moving companies will try to make extra money by adding in miscellaneous fees that were not discussed beforehand or explained on your bill.

A common example of this scam is charging a customer for a change of moving trucks that never occurred and claiming it was due to something like “narrow streets.”

Before hiring a moving company, read their reviews and see if anyone mentions odd, miscellaneous expenses.

Then, be sure to carefully read your own bill, looking for anything strange, out of place, or that wasn’t discussed.

Expecting A Deposit

A reputable moving company only bills you once you’ve successfully moved to your new residence. Avoid any moving company that asks for a large deposit beforehand, as they could simply not show up on moving day and keep the deposit.

Company Name and History Are Questionable

When customers get defrauded by moving companies, they often report the scam to Better Business Bureau, local media, or popular review websites, to keep others from being scammed by the same company.

However, moving scammers work around this by regularly changing their company name.

To avoid a company that may be covering up for past fraud, always make sure:

  • They are local
  • They are licensed for your state
  • They have proper insurance
  • They have references
  • They have a traceable public record

Incomplete or Blank Contracts

Lastly, some moving companies will ask you to sign an incomplete or totally blank contract with the claim they will fill it in later when they have the time and more exact figures.

This is a scam: they’re trying to get you to agree to whatever charges they later claim. Never agree to do this!

A proper contract will be completely filled out and have all the relevant information. Naturally, you should fully read any contract before signing it to assure the information is correct.

Final Thoughts

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