What is valuation?

Once you decide on a mover they usually present you with a document that talks about valuation.  If they do not, this should be a red flag. Valuation is essentially used to set up expectations between the customer and the moving company should something be damaged during the move and how the moving company will handle the damage claim.

Before the move you have the option to inform the moving company in writing how much the items being moved are worth and if you would like to purchase valuation to cover the replacement cost of those items should they be damaged or destroyed.

If you do not purchase valuation your items are still covered under Valuation Option 1A, but the maximum liability of the moving company is only $0.60 per pound per article.  That means if your 50lb flat screen TV is damaged, the maximum liability of the moving company is only $30.

Benefits of purchasing valuation

If you purchase valuation before the move, then the moving company is required to repair or replace the item. If the item cannot be replaced, a replacement value is determined and a check is issued.

Replacement Valuation has 2 options: 2a $0 deductible and 2b $300 deductible.

The price for Valuation is determined by the amount of Valuation you would like as well as the deductible level you select.  This is explained in our Order for Service.

Georgia State Regulatory Rules

All residential moves in the State of Georgia are regulated by the Department of Public Safety who maintains the Household Goods Tariff.  The Household Goods Tariff provides for Valuation and limits the liability of the moving company to the Valuation you select. Commercial moves are not regulated, but Peachtree Movers follows many of the same rules set by the Department of Public Safety relating to Valuation.

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