Can you move our office on the weekend or after hours?

Yes, many of our clients require our services to be performed on the weekends or after hours.

Do you move computers?

Yes, we are computer moving experts. Your computers are protected in our steel office carts and wrapped in anti-static bubble wrap bags. Read more about PC moving services.

Do you offer disconnect/reconnect services for my computers?

Yes, we offer this at an additional cost. We would send a team in before the move to disconnect the wires, label them, move them and reconnect them.

Can you move our data center/server room?

Yes, we take special care of servers and server racks. These items are loaded on the back of the first truck going to the destination, so it is the first thing that is unloaded and delivered to your IT staff with minimal downtime. We also offer air ride trucks if required. Read more about server room moving services.

How do you come up with your estimate?

Peachtree Movers literally wrote the book on estimating commercial moves.  We use a proprietary formula created more than 30 years ago that is constantly updated to make sure we provide you with the most accurate estimate possible. Our detailed estimates clearly spell out what Peachtree Movers will do and what is expected for you to do to ensure your move runs smoothly. Request an estimate here.

How do we make sure our employees are ready for the move?

Before the move, our sales managers will schedule a time to come to your office for a packing demonstration. During this time, we will meet with all of your employees, or at least several key employees in charge of the move, and we will show you how to properly pack and label your office belongings.  The sales manager will also show your team how to create a number scheme for the new office that works well for the movers, as well as how to diagram the furniture layout for each office.  This meeting helps everyone to understand that the move is upon them and it is time to get ready.

How much commercial moving experience do you have?

Peachtree Moves was founded in 1976 as a commercial mover.  Some of our Move Supervisors have been with our company for over 30 years.

Do you move modular furniture?

Yes, we send a special team of installers in before the move to break down your modular furniture and rebuild it at your new office.

What if I want to reconfigure my modular furniture at the new office is that ok?

Usually, but it is important to meet with one of our installers before the move so it can be determined that you have the correct parts to reconfigure the furniture.  If you do not, the installer will let you know what parts you need and may be able to help you order them.

Do you handle electrical work relating to my modular furniture?

No, but we may be able to help recommend a qualified electrician that can serve your needs.

Can I move my file cabinets full?

With Peachtree Movers, yes! We are the only mover in town that has a certified method of moving full file cabinets with our Spider Crane. Other moving companies will require you to completely empty your file cabinets which costs you time and money. File Warehouse Case Study.

Do you offer packing services?

Yes, we are able to send in a team of trained packers to pack your common areas before the move.

What do we do about boxes?

We own our own fleet of Tyga Boxes. These are reusable plastic crates that stack 5 high and roll on wheels. They are good for the environment and they are often cheaper to rent than purchasing boxes. It is also important to remember that you must figure out how to dispose of your cardboard boxes, but with Tyga Boxes you stack them up when you are finished and we come pick them up.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, our people, your buildings and our vehicles are covered in our insurance policies. We have enough insurance coverage to allow us to move in any office building in Atlanta.

Do you offer storage?

Yes, we have a 40,000 square foot warehouse that is meticulously maintained that can store your belongings.  All of your items are inventoried at your office, padded and brought back to our warehouse and stored. The location of the items is barcoded and scanned into our system. You will receive an easy to read inventory that show the items and their location in our warehouse. Read more about our storage services.


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